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Barrownz Learning Academy provides extensive Digital Marketing training in Lucknow that is meticulously designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental principles of digital marketing. Our program is cautiously tailored to empower individuals, whether they are seasoned business professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, or dedicated students, with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the constantly evolving digital landscape.

Throughout this course, we delve into the dynamic realms of digital marketing, offering valuable insights into different strategies that are targeted at increasing your brand's online visibility along with executing impactful online campaigns. With a devoted focus on excelling in the core concepts, our main aim is to equip you with an upgraded skill set that enables a successful journey in the digital arena. Join Barrownz Learning Academy if you are looking for the best digital marketing Institute in Lucknow and explore the world of digital marketing, where you can gain the confidence and expertise needed to navigate the digital landscape effectively.

We at Barrownz Learning Academy are offering a well-designed digital marketing course that is enriched with high-quality content delivered by competent faculty and professional industry experts. Our extensive curriculum includes hands-on case studies and live projects that ensure a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. What makes us stand out among the rest is our integration of state-of-the-art digital marketing courses with personality development along with job assistance that empowers students with a forward-looking advantage in the continuously advancing online digital marketing landscape. Join us today if you want a digital marketing course with job assistance in Lucknow.

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  • (Mon - Sat) 6 Months   3:00 PM To 5:00 PM ₹ 18000   ₹ 25000
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Course Curriculum

    • What is Digital Marketing?
    • Scope of Digital Marketing
    • Requirement of Digital Marketing
    • Latest Trends in Digital Marketing
    • Digital Marketing for Working Professionals
    • Digital Marketing for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses
    • Job opportunities in Digital Marketing

    • Objectives of Online Marketing
    • Elements of Successful Digital Strategy
    • Secrets of Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns
    • Practical: Defining a Business Objective

    • Digital Banner Designing
    • Graphic Design Fundamentals
    • How to Use Canva?
    • Logo & Graphic Designing
    • Live Practice– Designing Logos and Banners

    • What is Domain Name?
    • Types of Domains and Extensions
    • How to Buy Right Domain Name?
    • What is Web Hosting, cPanel & FTP Account?
    • What is Domain Marketing?
    • How to Sell a Domain Name?
    • Top Domain Selling Platforms

    • What is WordPress?
    • Why Learn WordPress in Digital Marketing?
    • vs
    • WordPress installation and Creating 1st Website
    • WordPress Page Builders
    • WordPress Plugins and Settings
    • Using WordPress for Blogging
    • WordPress for Personal Websites
    • WordPress for Business Websites
    • WordPress for eCommerce
    • What is SEO?
    • Importance of SEO

    • How do Search Engines Work?
    • Introduction to SERP
    • Different SEO Techniques
    • Top Ranking Factors
    • Black Hat vs White Hat SEO
    • Different Google Algorithms
    • On-Page SEO Basics
    • Off-Page SEO Basics
    • Technical SEO Basics
    • Technical SEO Advanced
    • Advanced Keyword Research
    • Working on On-Page SEO
    • Working on Off-Page SEO
    • Local SEO
    • Mobile SEO
    • Google Search Console in Depth
    • Indexing in Search Console
    • Fixing Errors in Search Console
    • HTTPS & SSL Certificate
    • Optimizing Website Speed
    • SEO Case Studies
    • eCommerce SEO
    • SEO Reporting

    • What is a Blog?
    • How does Blogging Work?
    • Benefits of Blogging
    • SEO in Blogging
    • Making Money with Blogging
    • Niche Blogging and Categories
    • Creating 90-Days Blog Strategy
    • Monetizing the Blog
    • Applying for Google AdSense
    • Applying for Other Ad Platforms

    • What is Google AdSense?
    • Account Approval & Account Setup
    • AdSense Guidelines & Requirements
    • Niche Content Research
    • Traffic Strategy

    • Basics of Google Analytics
    • How to Set Up Google Analytics?
    • Concept of Cookies
    • Understanding Website Analytics
    • Reports in Google Analytics
    • Users/Access in Google Analytics
    • Audience Creation in Google Analytics
    • Google Analytics for SEO
    • Google Analytics for PPC Campaigns
    • Important Metrics in Google Analytics
    • Ecommerce Tracking
    • Analytics Report Creation
    • Filter Creation
    • Understanding Attribution
    • Alternatives to Google Analytics
    • Similar Products
    • Link Tracking
    • UTM Parameters

    • What is Google Tag Manager?
    • Setting up Google Tag Manager
    • Why Integrate GA and GTM?
    • Components of Tag Manager
    • Tags, Triggers, and Variables
    • Setting up First Tracking
    • Tracking Videos
    • Tracking Links
    • Tracking Visible Elements
    • Tracking Scrolls
    • eCommerce Events Tracking With GTM
    • Facebook Pixel + GTM
    • Facebook Events Tracking With GTM

    • What is Email Marketing?
    • How to do Email Marketing?
    • Top Tools for Email Marketing
    • Automation in Email Marketing
    • How to Write an Email?
    • Important Metrics for Email Marketing
    • Call to Actions in Email Marketing
    • Email Cycles
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Spam Score in Email Marketing
    • Lead Generation
    • Email Marketing Funnels

    • Facebook Marketing
    • Instagram Marketing
    • LinkedIn Marketing
    • Twitter Marketing
    • Quora Marketing
    • Pinterest Marketing

    • Introduction to Google Ads
    • How does Google Ads Work?
    • Different Types of Google Ads
    • Search Ad Creation, Optimization, and Reporting
    • Display Ad Creation, Optimization, Reporting
    • Understanding Remarketing Ads
    • YouTube Ads
    • Running App Install Ads
    • All Settings in Google Ads
    • Call Only Ads
    • Conversion-based Campaigns & Optimization
    • Competitor-oriented Ad Campaigns
    • Strategies for Ad Campaigns
    • Shopping Campaigns

    • Introduction to SMO
    • Social Platforms & Supported Content
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Content Strategies According to Platform
    • Power of Organic Reach
    • Facebook Page/Profile optimization
    • Lead Generation Organically
    • Using Chatbots for SMO
    • Tools for SMO & Post Scheduling
    • Creating Social Media Calendar
    • Tools for Social Content Creation
    • Algorithms of Social Media Platforms
    • Rule of Consistency on Social Media
    • Tools for Content Ideas
    • Social Media Best Practices
    • SMO Report Creation

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    Digital Marketing
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    Hindi / English
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Frequently Asked Questions

The digital marketing course with job assistance in Lucknow offered by Barrownz Learning Academy typically spans 4–6 weeks and is designed to provide comprehensive coverage of key digital marketing concepts and strategies.

Yes, Absolutely! Our course starts with the basic fundamentals that makes it an ideal course for beginners as well as for those transitioning to digital marketing from other fields.

No, it's not necessary to have any technical skills but a basic understanding of computers and the internet is helpful. The course offered by the best digital marketing academy in Lucknow is specially tailored for everyone including individuals from various backgrounds without any advanced technical skills.

Our course covers a wide range of digital marketing courses in Lucknow to advance you with all the topics, including SEO, social media marketing, content creation, email marketing, PPC advertising, analytics, and many more. You'll surely develop a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing tactics with us.

Yes, after successfully completing your courses, you will receive a recognized certification that will validate your knowledge and skill set in digital marketing.

No, there are no specific prerequisites for pursuing the digital marketing course, all you need to have is passion for learning and a willingness to engage with digital tools and platforms will be beneficial.

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