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Pay Per Click

Mastering the Art of Pay-Per-Click Advertising at PPC Training Institute in Lucknow: Barrownz Learning Academy

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PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a form of internet marketing where advertisers pay a fee each time someone clicks on their ads. It's like buying visits to your website. Learn the ropes of this cost-effective advertising method and understand how to maximize website visits organically. 

Embark on a transformative PPC training journey at Barrownz Learning Academy. Acquire a profound understanding of Pay-Per-Click, display advertising, conversion optimization, and web analytics. Our best PPC course in Lucknow ensures mastery of bidding methods, ranking algorithms, and ad platforms. Elevate your skills in performance measurement, lead generation improvement, and search engine marketing, driving campaigns with measurable ROI. Dive into the world of digital marketing secrets through this user-friendly course. 

Who Can Benefit from PPC Skills?

Tailored for a range of roles in paid marketing, our PPC course welcomes marketing managers, digital marketing executives, sales professionals, graduates from different fields, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Regardless of your background, our course provides you with essential skills, unlocking pathways to fulfilling positions. Enrol now at Barrownz Learning Academy, recognized as the PPC Training Institute in Lucknow. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, our user-friendly course ensures that you acquire the necessary expertise.


To join, you just need an undergraduate degree or high school diploma. While basic digital marketing knowledge is helpful, it's not a must. This course is designed for anyone keen on becoming a pay-per-click specialist and skillfully handling PPC campaigns. You can enrol now for comprehensive training at Barrownz Learning Academy, known for top-notch Google AdWords Training in Lucknow.

Course Highlights:

-> Bidding Methods and Ranking Algorithms: Understand the intricacies of bidding and the algorithms that determine your ad's position. Gain insights into effective strategies for a competitive edge.

-> Performance Measurement and Analytics: Learn how to measure the success of your campaigns using web analytics. Discover the metrics that matter for evaluating ROI.

-> Ad Platforms and Lead Generation: Explore different ad platforms and strategies for enhancing lead generation. Master the art of creating compelling and effective ads.

-> Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Delve into the world of SEM and discover techniques to drive measurable results. Understand how to optimize your presence in search engine results.

Our Advanced PPC Training Course transforms you into a skilled paid marketing professional. Developed by industry experts, this certification course provides hands-on experience, fast-tracking your digital marketing career.

Google Ads Essentials:

You can explore the basics of popular PPC with search engine advertising using Google Ads. Uncover the secrets to crafting impactful campaigns visible across Google services. Grasp the significance of relevant keywords, attractive landing pages, and top-notch ads. Learn the factors influencing Google's ranking for advertisers' success. You can join our best Google Adwords (Ads) Training Institute in Lucknow for comprehensive learning.

Embark on a journey of becoming a PPC specialist with Barrownz Learning Academy. Our best PPC Course in Lucknow not only imparts knowledge but also equips you with practical skills to create, manage, and optimize successful PPC campaigns. Ready to elevate your digital marketing skills? Enrol in our Advanced PPC Training Course at Barrownz Learning Academy and take the first step towards a rewarding career in paid marketing. Don't miss out – click here to join today! 

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  • (Mon - Sat) 3 Months   ₹ 12000   ₹ 15000
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Course Curriculum

    • What is Google Ads?
    • How does Google Ads work?
    • Different Types of Google Ads
    • Understanding the Importance of Landing Pages

    • In-Depth Search Ads (Basic to Advanced)
    • Google Search Ads Creation
    • Optimization
    • Reporting

    • In-Depth Display Ads (Basic to Advanced)
    • Google Display Ads Creation
    • Optimization
    • Reporting

    • What is remarketing?
    • Everything about Remarketing Ads
    • Introduction to advertising on YouTube
    • Benefits of YouTube Ads
    • How to run YouTube Ads and Video Ads?
    • Optimization strategies

    • Introduction to running Google Ads for app installs
    • How to Run App Install Ads in Google Ads?
    • Benefits
    • Optimization strategies

    • Introduction to running Google Ads for app installs
    • How to Run App Install Ads in Google Ads?
    • Benefits
    • Optimization strategies

    • Understanding all the settings in Google Ads

    • What are call only ads?
    • Benefits of call only ads?
    • How to run Call Only ads?

    • What is audience in Google Ads?
    • Why audience targeting is crucial?
    • Understanding All types of Audiences in Google Ads
    • Understanding In-depth Optimization of Google Ads

    • What are conversion ads?
    • Benefits of conversion-based ads
    • How to optimize Google Ad campaigns for conversions?

    • Google Ads Checklists
    • Tools Related to Google Ads
    • Competitor-oriented Campaigns
    • Strategies Related to Google Ads Campaigns
    • Running Shopping Campaigns for eCommerce Business
    • Scripts and Tracking in Google Ads


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our PPC course covers key areas like PPC fundamentals, keyword research, ad copywriting, campaign optimization, analytics, and platform-specific strategies for Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media platforms.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course and assessments, you'll receive a certification validating your proficiency in PPC from Barrownz Learning Academy.

Yes, we offer flexible payment options, including installment plans, to make the course accessible. Please reach out to our admissions team for more details on payment plans.

There are no specific prerequisites. Basic knowledge of digital marketing concepts is beneficial, but the course is designed to accommodate beginners and experienced marketers alike.

By mastering PPC techniques, you'll acquire valuable skills to create, manage, and optimize PPC campaigns effectively. This knowledge can enhance career opportunities or improve business marketing outcomes.

Absolutely! The course includes practical exercises and projects that simulate real-world PPC scenarios. You'll gain hands-on experience to apply learned strategies.

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