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The demand for Full-Stack Developers is soaring, evident in a 34% increase in job postings, especially within India's thriving tech sector. Companies, including startups and enterprises, actively seek Full-Stack expertise, recognizing the strategic advantage these professionals bring. In the e-commerce sector, 54% prioritize recruiting them, highlighting their pivotal role.

With over 65% of hiring managers expressing a preference for Full-Stack development skills, professionals find themselves well-placed to contribute to India's digital transformation. To seize this opportunity, consider the Best Frontend Development Course in Lucknow at Barrownz Learning Academy. Whether in an online or classroom format, this course offers quality training at reasonable fees, providing certification upon completion. Join a reputable institute known for both training excellence and successful placements. Position yourself as a valuable contributor to the evolving needs of the industry with the Best Frontend Development Training Institute in Lucknow.

Why you should choose Barrownz Learning Academy?

Explore the pinnacle of learning at Barrownz Learning Academy, acknowledged as one of the premier institutes offering exceptional Frontend Development Course in Lucknow. Our program is Tailored to cater to the specific needs of students aspiring to master front-end development.

-> Establish a robust foundation 

-> Craft fully functional, responsive web applications optimized for cross-device performance.

-> Acquire hands-on experience through real-world scenarios, guided by seasoned frontend and backend instructors.

-> Engage in real-time case studies for practical application.

-> Access the latest study material for a cutting-edge learning experience.

-> Enjoy free technical support post-course completion.

-> Benefit from our state-of-the-art LAB facility with complimentary WiFi for uninterrupted learning.

-> Earn a valuable completion certificate. 

What you'll learn? 

Embark on a journey into the dynamic world of Web development with our comprehensive Best Frontend Development Training Institute in Lucknow. This course covers the essentials: 

-> HTML for structuring content, CSS for visual style, and JavaScript for crafting interactive experiences. 

-> Dive deeper into the realm of web development by mastering front-end frameworks,  powerful libraries for building user interfaces. 

-> Learn to use Bootstrap CSS Framework to effortlessly create appealing webpages.

-> Develop the crucial skill of version control using GitHub repositories, ensuring your work is organized and accessible. 

-> Gear up for coding interviews by honing problem-solving approaches and crafting portfolio-ready projects that will impress potential employers.

We understand the importance of soft skills in the workplace. Our program includes dedicated sessions to enhance your communication, teamwork, and adaptability – all essential elements for a thriving career in frontend development.

Join our Frontend Development Course in Lucknow to build a solid foundation, gain hands-on experience, and elevate your skills for a successful career in web development. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your existing knowledge, our course is designed to empower you in the ever-evolving world of frontend development.



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  • (Mon - Sat) 45 Days   ₹ 4000   ₹ 4500
  • (Mon - Sat) 3 Months   ₹ 12000   ₹ 15000
  • (Mon - Sat) 6 Months   ₹ 18000   ₹ 20000
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Course Curriculum

    • Understanding the role of frontend development in web development
    • Overview of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

    • Basic structure and syntax of HTML
    • Working with HTML tags and elements
    • Semantic HTML for better accessibility and SEO
    • Forms and input elements

    • Basic CSS syntax and selectors
    • Styling HTML elements, including text, backgrounds, and borders
    • Layouts, positioning, and responsive design
    • CSS preprocessors like SASS or LESS

    • Introduction to JavaScript and its role in web development
    • Variables, data types, and operators
    • Control structures (loops and conditionals)
    • Functions, arrays, and objects
    • DOM manipulation for dynamic web content

    • Media queries and creating responsive layouts
    • Designing for various devices and screen sizes
    • Introduction to frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation

    • Basics of version control
    • Using Git for tracking changes and collaboration

    • Techniques to optimize frontend performance
    • Minification, caching, and code optimization

    • Understanding browser differences and compatibility issues
    • Testing and debugging across multiple browsers

    • Principles of web accessibility
    • Designing websites for inclusivity

    • Practical projects to apply learned concepts
    • Building interactive and responsive web pages
    • Showcasing skills in a portfolio project

    • Resume building and interview preparation workshops
    • Networking opportunities and guidance for job placements
    • Support in job search and industry connections

    • Upon successful completion of the course, receive a certificate from the institute validating proficiency in frontend development technologies.


  • Get Expert Mentorship
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  • Highly-Engaging Classes
  • Work on Real Projects
  • Job Assistance
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our courses emphasize hands-on projects to provide real-world experience in building frontend interfaces and applications.

Graduates from our institute's Frontend Development courses can pursue roles like Frontend Developer, UI/UX Designer, Web Developer, or Application Developer in various industries.

Our institute offers flexible payment plans, including installment options, to make the course accessible to students with varying financial situations.

Upon successful completion of our Frontend Development courses, students receive a certification from our institute. This certification validates their skills and knowledge in frontend technologies, enhancing their employability.

Courses at our institute cover skills like responsive design, UI/UX principles, cross-browser compatibility, version control, and best practices in coding for the frontend.

While prior programming knowledge might be beneficial, our Frontend Development courses cater to beginners as well. Enthusiasm and a desire to learn are key prerequisites.

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