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ASP.Net Development

Your Ultimate Destination for ASP.NET Mastery: Barrownz Learning Academy, the best ASP.NET Training Institute in Lucknow

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Discover the excellence of Barrownz Learning Academy, renowned as one of the best ASP.NET training institutes in Lucknow. With its expert faculty and a comprehensive ASP.NET training program, Barrownz provides a top-notch learning experience. Delve into the world of ASP.NET, a key part of Microsoft's .NET platform, enabling seamless web development with HTTP commands and bilateral communication.

Whether you're a beginner or aiming for a project-focused approach, Barrownz Learning Academy offers courses tailored to your needs. Master the art of building fast, secure, and maintainable web apps with ASP.NET – the preferred framework for giants like Stack Overflow and Walmart, developed by Microsoft atop the C# language. Embark on your ASP.NET learning journey with our .Net Training Course in Lucknow, exploring the platform, its lifecycle, and more. 

Our ASP Net Training in Lucknow caters to experienced developers, imparting C#.NET/VB.NET and ADO.NET skills essential for creating successful database-driven web applications. Learn the ropes of developing web-based enterprise applications using ASP.NET and Visual Studio, gaining expertise in crafting web services within the .NET framework for Service-oriented Architecture.

Why you should choose Barrownz Learning Academy?

Explore the pinnacle of learning at Barrownz Learning Academy, acknowledged as one of the premier institutes offering exceptional .Net Training Course in Lucknow. Tailored to cater to the specific needs of students aspiring to master ASP.NET, our program is an integral part of the esteemed Building React and ASP.NET MVC 5 Applications Specialization.

-> Establish a robust foundation in ASP.NET, MVC 5, and proficient backend development using C# within the .NET framework.

-> Craft fully functional, responsive web applications optimized for cross-device performance using ASP.NET MVC 5.

-> Acquire hands-on experience through real-world scenarios, guided by seasoned frontend and backend instructors.

-> Engage in real-time case studies for practical application.

-> Access the latest study material for a cutting-edge learning experience.

-> Enjoy free technical support post-course completion.

-> Benefit from our state-of-the-art LAB facility with complimentary WiFi for uninterrupted learning.

-> Earn a valuable completion certificate.

ASP.NET Training Course Prerequisite

Whether you're a beginner or seeking to strengthen your skills, our course guarantees a fundamental understanding of building web applications. We cover all prerequisites, so you can focus on learning. Build a robust foundation with us and embark on your journey in web development. Enroll now for a seamless learning experience! 

Join our ASP.NET Foundation course at the Best Institute for Dot Net in Lucknow! No worries if you're new to Java, C#, VB, or SQL – we've got you covered. This introductory-level course ensures a solid grasp of ASP.NET framework basics, making web development a breeze.

What you'll learn?

Whether you're new to coding or seeking to enhance your expertise, our course provides a step-by-step guide. Join us for an enriching learning journey and unlock the potential of web development. 

-> Learn the essentials of C# effortlessly in our ASP.NET course. 

-> Learn the basics of C# and delve into object-oriented concepts, setting the stage for web application development. 

-> Learn hands-on skills in crafting web applications using ASP.NET, and master the implementation of web applications with ASP.NET Core MVC.

Dive into the world of secure and scalable web applications with our .Net Training Course in Lucknow at Barrownz Learning Academy. This course goes beyond the basics, covering crucial topics like routing, validation, and authentication, essential for building robust web applications. 

Join us to unlock your potential as an ASP.NET developer, gaining the skills, knowledge, and practical experience needed to excel in the dynamic field of ASP.NET development. Elevate your career by enrolling in our Dot Net Training in Lucknow today! 


Fee Details

  • DurationPrice
  • (Mon - Sat) 45 Days   ₹ 6500   ₹ 8000
  • (Mon - Sat) 3 Months   ₹ 12000   ₹ 15000
  • (Mon - Sat) 6 Months   ₹ 18000   ₹ 20000
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Course Curriculum

    • Understanding ASP.NET and its role in web development
    • Setting up an ASP.NET development environment (Visual Studio, .NET Core)
    • Basic concepts of web applications and server-side scripting

    • Basics of C# programming language for ASP.NET development
    • Variables, data types, control structures, and functions in C#

    • Introduction to MVC architecture and its implementation in ASP.NET
    • Understanding controllers, views, models, and routing in ASP.NET MVC

    • Connecting ASP.NET applications to databases (SQL Server, MySQL)
    • Performing CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) using ASP.NET

    • Implementing security measures in ASP.NET applications
    • Authentication, authorization, and securing web applications

    • Consuming and creating APIs in ASP.NET applications
    • Integrating third-party APIs and services

    • Integrating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in ASP.NET applications
    • Designing responsive and interactive user interfaces

    • Introduction to ASP.NET Core framework

    • Building cross-platform and high-performance web applications

    • Deployment strategies for ASP.NET applications
    • Hosting options and considerations for ASP.NET applications

    • Applying learned concepts through practical assignments
    • Developing projects and applications using ASP.NET

    • Building a final project to showcase skills acquired during the course
    • Creating a portfolio of ASP.NET projects for future career opportunities

    • Assistance in job search and placement post-course completion

    • Guidance on resume building and interview preparation

    • Evaluation of understanding through a final assessment
    • Issuance of course completion certificate


  • Get Expert Mentorship
  • Structured & Latest Curriculum
  • Highly-Engaging Classes
  • Work on Real Projects
  • Job Assistance
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Frequently Asked Questions

No prerequisites are required. This course is designed for beginners and covers fundamental concepts.

Yes, the course offers practical exercises and projects to apply theoretical knowledge.

Yes, upon successful completion, you'll receive a certificate to validate your ASP.NET skills.

Absolutely! You'll have access to experienced instructors and support throughout your learning journey.

Yes, there's a trial period allowing you to explore a portion of the course before committing.

Yes, there are regular live sessions and webinars for interactive learning and Q&A sessions.

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